Rapid response system (RRS) is a combination of hardware and software for production facilities, small or big. It unites more different functionailties, which are usually needed to get overview about number of produced parts (collection of objective data in real time), production linearisation (where we are just now and where we should be on current time unit) and about production breaks (failures, shutdowns, inclusive current status).

   System is currently used by several companies in different phase of deployment (mostly Automotive) and it is continually upgraded. Though currently exist many systems with similar functionality, just small part (like RRS) offers real modularity, possibility of reusing current HW (inclusive integration of already used functionality into RRS) and more buy and build variants.

   RRS outputs are OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) parameters, productivity numbers for production people, failures warnings, sequence watching...

   Because every customer uses his own, already tested, practices, RRS offers (outside of charts and tables) export of raw data. With help of import modules (partially included or custom created) could be raw data imported into existing SW - for example MS Office (MS Excel), OO/Libre Office or main system (SAP, Brain...).