RRS unique feature is also possibility to reuse existing hardware, or let internal IT department to buy own HW (for better - corporate - prices or to keep corporate standards). And of course is RRS still under full warranty.

   If on the production unit (line) exists HW, which is already used to do some activity, that could be integrated into RRS and HW used for RRS too, we will find optimal combination (your HW, for example, prints labels, we will integrate printing into RRS and info about labels can we use for RRS extension like product sequence watching or specific product warning).

   We cooperate with customer IT department for easy system education and training. If customer already uses existing HW, his IT employer has ability to react much faster and more flexible, this makes RRS usabilty higher.

   As inovation we are testing low power consumption HW module (cca 5W), what could potentialy save massive amount of energy.